So, you want to know about us.

Yeah,Tell me

Who we are?

We are bunch of fools working on VR 360° Projects.

Hmm, Looks Interesting!

What We Will Do?

We capture the moment of your life in 360° and give it back to you

What does it mean?

Trust me, I'm not drugged.

We are the VR Captures in chennai.

What's so special about that?

We can capture marriage events, engagements, birthday parties, corporate events,etc., in full 360° anywhere in india

Something more interesting?

We can LIVE the 360° events on Facebook.

I'm expecting more

With our Android APP you can watch 360° media in OFFLINE without rely on youtube or facebook or any other online media

And Then?

It's not an end

Have a look at some of our free time projects here

Oh...So cool

Thanks for taking your time.

You can contact us anytime.

For any queries, visit our contact page